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When it comes to expert instructors we set the barre high. Our vetting and development program is the most rigorous in the industry, and it shows.

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Certifications: Lagree Certified Instructor, Piloxing SSP, Saddle Row (Finesse, Circuit, Crew, and Restore Certified trainer), GFIT, CPR Certified Physique 57 Trainer Since: July 2018 (but have been teaching barre classes since 2011) Instagram: bern_osias Motivational quote: The struggle you’re feeling now is building the strength you need for tomorrow. Favorite Physique 57 Position: hairpin Perfect day off: Getting to read and hang out with close friends/family away from the urban jungle Proudest Moment: Watching my students perform on stage…whether they are 5 years old or 65 years old. Heroine act: Looking back it was making the tough decision to change careers. It was probably the best thing I did for my health. Cheat Meal: A fresh seafood buffet and some sinful dessert would make for a great indulgence.

Bernadette Osias

Certifications: Physique57, Schwinn Physique 57 Trainer Since: July 2018 Instagram: miacabalfin Motivational quote: Nothing good comes easy! Favorite Physique 57 Position: Reverse Incline Chair Perfect day off: Surf days are always my favorite! Proudest Moment: Putting up my own dance workshop for kids Heroine act: Waking up every morning and making the choice to be better, to do better Cheat Meal: A big bowl of Bolognese pasta and chocolate ice cream for dessert

Mia Cabalfin

Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2018 Instagram: chebureche0430 Motivational quote: No short cuts to a place worth going Favorite Physique 57 Position: Waterski Perfect day off: Hanging out with my family Proudest Moment: When I became mom to Kaya Heroine act: everytime I choose to be kind when its hard Cheat Meal: Burger, fries and chicken wings

Che Ramos Cosio

Certifications: Certificate in Sports Studies UP Diliman Physique 57 Trainer Since: December 2018 Instagram: babalavagirl Motivational quote: Do every little thing with intention. You'll see the difference even in the smallest of things. Favorite Physique 57 Position: Leg lifts for thighs. Looks easy but it's a lot of work especially in isolating each thigh muscle. Perfect day off: Swimming! I like swimming and getting love from the sun! Proudest Moment: Getting that last rep in a workout when you think you need to reset! Heroic act: Small things like inspiring my students to work on their fitness or dance. Cheat Meal: I don't usually deprive myself from eating not so healthy food but if i had a cheat meal I would most definitely grab french fries! Then donutSSS for dessert

Ysabel Lava

Certifications: Mixxedfit Instructor, RAD (Royal Academy of Dance ) Level 3 Intermediate Ballet. Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2018 Instagram: mariellebaylocon Motivational quote: If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. Favorite Physique 57 Position: Chair positions, pretzel. Perfect day off: Sunday Church Day, Family Day. Proudest Moment: Being a Physique Instructor. Heroine act: helping people to be fit, saving and adopting cats and dogs. Cheat Meal: Desserts and Cupcakes

Marielle Baylocon


With classes from beginner to advanced levels, the Physique 57 method will meet you where you are. Every proven move and every minute of choreography, repetition, and expert instruction counts. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, our breakthrough exercise programs will change your body and your life.